Monday, February 21, 2011

Making Money From a Coffee Shop

Any day, a person can open their email and find numerous career offers that spout the ability to work from home. I for one, used to take those emails and immediately delete them... that is, until I came across the Coffee Shop Millionaire. Most people, including myself (up until a few weeks ago), do not realize that it's possible to make money working from home, but that any person with the right mindset and work ethic can make a very comfortable living through their own online business, which can be setup in a matter of hours.
Although it's true that not all people who work at-home are self-employed, most find the ability of working at home to open the door to a number of benefits. The greatest such benefit, in my opinion, is the flexibility a person working from home has. Having a flexible schedule allows one to do work during their best hours. If I feel the need to do yoga during the middle of the day to get my thoughts in order, I go do yoga and return to work at my convenience. As a morning person, I can be up very early in the morning working away while the rest of the world sleeps away or is getting ready to head to their brick-and-mortar jobs. By the time I'm done with my day of work, people can be just walking into their offices.
The flexibility working form home doesn't apply only to time. When working online, it is possible to work from any location with internet access. This has allowed my home-based business to succeed while I "pay my rent" at the local coffee shop in the form of a meager $2/day for my grande coffee. Theoretically, if I were to go on a cruise where I had access to the internet, I'd be able to grow my business while enjoying the sunny Caribbean. My business grows while I'm at my local Starbucks, sipping on their bold pick of the day.
It's these benefits that people are drawn to these work-from-home businesses. The simple truth is that anyone willing to take the time and effort to learn how to work from home can do so. At the same time, that person cannot go to bed at night and expect to wake up a millionaire the next day. Working online has a number of benefits, but it takes strategic planning and a lot of patience for the hard work to pay off. In m any cases, people require some form or another of training so that the at-home worker can start their business with the correct set of skills.
The key to success in working online is to find the field of business most suited to one's existing or obtainable skills. As the saying goes, "it takes money to make money." Nowhere in there does it specify the amount of money necessary to invest in yourself. Remember, a set of skills can be easily obtained through e-books on the internet.
Once a person were to choose an online career path suitable to their own well-honed skills, it is wise to consider investing into a small training program to help with the transition into the online work-world. Lucky for us, it is possible to find the proper training online for nearly any home-based business.

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